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A path through the maze of caregiving

What a godsend! This one book is all you need to make caregiving easy to manage

—Jean Sibley, Caregiver, Technical Writer

One in three Americans provides care for ill or disabled family members or friends. Managing the care of another can be done compassionately and successfully. You will find specific, direct, easy-to-access information right here, right now.

Bring Ease and Grace To Your Life.
The Sanity Saving Survival System will get everything organized, on track and functioning smoothly.

The CareGiving Toolkit is a comprehensive and organized approach to managing care. Having such a toolkit will help so many patients, families, and friends.

—John D. Mark, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Stanford University

As a case manager nurse, I help patients plan for transition out of the hospital. Every patient and caregiver can surely put this book to good use.

—David McQueen, RN, BSN, Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, CA

I use the CareGiving Toolkit as the foundation for my workshops. Attendees arrive overwhelmed and leave with a sense of manageability. The Toolkit’s forms and checklists address their concerns and give them concrete next steps.

—Dale Zevin, Training Manager, City of Santa Cruz, CA